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Manahawkin Chiropractic Center Knows Well the Spine and Its Connections

Nerves. Discs. Muscles. What connects them all? The spine! And back pain is a complex condition typically involving all these components. Your Manahawkin chiropractor at Manahawkin Chiropractic Center values all of these spinal elements. Your Manahawkin chiropractor respects each of these spinal elements. Your Manahawkin chiropractor decreases Manahawkin back pain and neck pain connected to these spinal elements with gentle chiropractic services and Cox® Technic at Manahawkin Chiropractic Center.


The spine is the body’s support system. The spine connects everything! The spine’s bones – called vertebrae – join ligaments, muscles and discs to make up this support system. 25 intervertebral discs separate the usual 33 vertebrae. Three parts form each disc – the gel-like, water/collagen-composed nucleus pulposus enveloped and held in place by the collagenous annulus fibrosus and two endplates on top and bottom that protect and permit nutrients into the nucleus. The disc keeps the spine flexible and strong. (1) Seemingly off-topic but really not as these findings show just how linked the spine is, more articles surface about the value of diaphragm training for muscle relaxation like the hamstring muscles. In a new study, this training is shown to increase the thickness of lumbar spine stabilizing muscles, transverse abdominis and lumbar multifidus muscles. (2) Manahawkin Chiropractic Center is amazed by what diaphragm-focused treatment does for such muscles. It all goes back to how intricately the spine is created and connected! Fascinating! Manahawkin Chiropractic Center enjoys working Manahawkin chiropractic patients’ spines every day!


Spinal nerves intertwine their paths throughout the spine, gathering and dispersing impulses from head to toe. The superior gluteal nerve winds its ways through the lower pelvis by the L4, L5 and S1 nerve roots in the sacral plexus. It innervates the gluteus medius, gluteus minimum and tensor fasciae latae muscles. If damaged, it usually causes an unmistakable walking and standing gait because of the gluteus medius muscle paralysis it triggers. (3) Manahawkin Chiropractic Center back pain patients understand how touchy these spinal nerves are and so does Manahawkin Chiropractic Center.


The spine relies on muscles to maintain its connections. The psoas muscle runs along both sides of the spinal vertebral column down to the pelvis. It is deep and originates at the lumbar vertebrae, L1-L4, adjoining much more - the less trochanter of the femur, iliopsoas muscle, psoas major muscle, inconsistent psoas minor muscle, iliac fascia, iliacus muscle, and inguinal ligament – affecting postural function and influencing mood and stress disorders as a cause of low back pain. (4) The quadratus lumborum muscle is essential to stability. Its deep, posterior, lateral and interior location around the spine often draws into question its contributing role in back pain. It’s an important part of the thoracolumbar fascia muscle system as it encircles the iliac crest, the transverse processes of lumbar spine’s vertebrae and 12th rib. (5) The external oblique muscle is key to balance, preserving the center of gravity, as well as stability. Notably, in a research study of women with chronic low back pain, stability exercises and balance exercises regarding the external oblique muscle increased erector spinae muscle activity and decreased pain and disability. (6) That’s why Manahawkin Chiropractic Center customarily recommends exercise to Manahawkin back pain patients as part of the chiropractic treatment plan. Do not worry! Manahawkin Chiropractic Center ensures these are simple and helpful for you!

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Listen to this PODCAST with Dr. Lonny Skjervheim on The Back Doctors Podcast with Dr. Michael Johnson about chiropractic treatment of low back pain with leg pain together using Cox® Technic spinal manipulation.  

Schedule your chiropractic appointment today. Manahawkin Chiropractic Center is your Manahawkin back pain specialist. Manahawkin Chiropractic Center uses knowledge of these amazing spinal connections to enhance the clinical pain relief outcomes for our back pain patients. Manahawkin Chiropractic Center is like the spine for nerves, discs, and muscles: Manahawkin Chiropractic Center connects the best of back pain research to back pain relief for you, our back pain patient. 
Manahawkin Chiropractic Center appreciates how the nerves and muscles are connected to the spine and how to help relieve Manahawkin back pain and other spine related pain when they hurt. 
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