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Spine Articles

Degenerative Disc Disease Alters Motion, Causes Pain

Degenerative disc disease hurts and slows you down. Manahawkin's degenerative disc disease treatment at Manahawkin Chiropractic Center relieves lower back pain due to degenerative disc disease with gentle, safe chiropractic.

Disc Degeneration May Co-Exist in Lower Back and Neck

Manahawkin Chiropractic Center knows that degenerative disc disease affects the spine, not just one segment of it.  A lower back degenerated disc may point to a degenerated disc in the neck.  Manahawkin chiropractic care is at hand to help.

"A Pain in the Neck!" Non-Surgical Care Is Better

In Manahawkin a pain in the neck disrupts your day! Manahawkin Chiropractic Center stands ready to help relieve your pain and get you back to life free of neck pain non-surgically using chiropractic's Cox Technic.

A Slipped Spinal BONE?! Buttock Pain? We can help!

In Manahawkin Manahawkin Chiropractic Center sees quite a few female patients over age 45 with low back pain that extends into the buttock, thigh and even calf quite often...and helps relieve the pain with Cox Technic!

Stenosis: "Doc, it would feel good to just be pulled apart!"

No wonder! Spinal stenosis annoys back pain sufferers due to a narrowed spinal canal space, leaving your back wanting some relief.  Manahawkin chiropractic care by Manahawkin Chiropractic Center is gentle, safe, and relieving.

Huge Disc! Tiny Disc! The Size Doesn't Matter

The size of a disc herniation really doesn't matter when it comes to the ultimate outcome: pain relief. Believe it or not, once you are out of pain, the disc herniation may be totally gone, a little smaller or bigger! But don't worry. You still won't have pain!

The Spinal Disc Never Forgets An Episode of Pain

The spinal disc, the cartilage separating the bones of the spine, never forgets an episode of pain. The slightest disc bulge may produce much pain. The amount of pressure on the nerve determines the symptoms you may experience.