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About Manahawkin Diabetes & Manahawkin Chiropractic


Diabetes mellitus (DM) is a multi-system disease characterized by persistent hyperglycemia (increased blood sugar). It results in both acute and chronic issues like mobility, headaches, and neuromusculoskeletal issues. Type-2 diabetes or adult-onset diabetes represents the most common form of the disease. Chiropractors recognize these complications and can help diabetic patients with musculoskeletal issues. (1)


Diabetes is a chronic (long-term) condition that affects many people, weakens their musculoskeletal system, and keeps them from the quality of life they want. Manahawkin Chiropractic Center understands this and works with our Manahawkin diabetic patients who may well come to us for other conditions like back pain and neck pain and find that chiropractic care is beneficial for their health.



25.8 million Americans (8.3% of the population) have diabetes. (2) About two million Canadians suffer from diabetes, 10% of them with Type 1, contributing to 41,000 deaths a year. (3) Staggering statistics, but that’s just the underlying story. The bigger story is the effect diabetes has on each person with diabetes. Healthcare providers of all types are eager to help. Medications are often a fundamental form of care, but diet, exercise, and chiropractic play roles as well. Chiropractic offers benefits to diabetic patients.

Mobility is a concern for diabetics. Manahawkin diabetic patients wants to keep it, but some diabetics are limited in their mobility. Let’s consider the statistics: Diabetic subjects are more likely to use a mobility aid than control subjects: 7 versus 2% used a wheelchair regularly, 7 vs. 3% a frame, and 33 vs. 26% a walking stick. Generally, 46% of diabetic subjects required the use of some form of mobility aid compared to just 31% of control subjects. (4) Many are overweight or obese, 54% in one study. (5) 22% are physically inactive, 17.4% are smokers, 18% report having hypertension, and 19.6% report high cholesterol. (5) That’s where chiropractic care may become a useful adjunct form of care.


How does chiropractic fit into diabetic care? Chiropractors like yours at Manahawkin Chiropractic Center work with the musculoskeletal system. Our gentle Cox Technic keeps the spine and the musculoskeletal system functioning smoothly. Further, chiropractic looks at the whole person, and Manahawkin Chiropractic Center coordinates nutrition, diet, and exercise to your tolerance and desire.

Coordination of care amongst healthcare providers like chiropractic physicians and primary care physicians is a beginning. Each provides words of encouragement on how to manage diabetes as well as the best their professions have to offer.

Contact Manahawkin Chiropractic Center today to make chiropractic a part of your overall diabetes care and discuss how chiropractic care may augment your diabetes care plan positively.

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